The legs started out as a small pieces of wood, 15 cm Ø, 120 cm high. After a 10 hour job with cutting, grinding, sanding and polishing, the legs ended up 10 cm Ø, 100 cm high. They look all natural with an organic shape. standing table legs

standing table legs. Sculptural, sustainable, handmade. A Danish Design. Made in Denmark by bente hovendal

The original wood grain and knots stand out beautifully. Lovely for the eyes to see and for the hands to touch.

Next step is to fit them to the tabletop. The whole table is scheduled to be finished on Friday – stay tuned 🙂

This woodnwonder standing meeting table is an unique, exclusive stand up table. It’s sculptural, full of wonder, yet useful for efficient, short and lively meetings. The standing meeting table is 186 cm / 73 inch long, 96 cm / 38 inch wide, 107 cm / 42 cm high. The table plate on this particular stand-up table is 6 cm / 2,4 inch.

When the table is all finished, a more detailed description will be added.

A woodnwonder stand-up meeting table provides a place for short impromptu meetings, informal brainstorming sessions and quick get-together. It can fit in all office zones and areas where communication is desired: in the reception area, in lounge areas, recreational and, stand-up meetings are intentional collaborationswhere information is shared quickly in an open space. No chairs means no endless managerial monologues, no way to get too comfortable and no desire to fill the allotted time for which a conference room has been reserved. Companies using this meeting format find that the gatherings are more productive and that they can happen on the fly.

Incorporating space for stand-up meetings doesn’t necessarily require different furniture. It might just require a different perhaps more holistic approach.

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